Best answer: Does XAMPP use Apache?

Is Apache and XAMPP same?

Developers describe Apache HTTP Server as “The most popular web server on the Internet since April 1996”. The Apache HTTP Server is a powerful and flexible HTTP/1.1 compliant web server. … On the other hand, XAMPP is detailed as “*A free and open-source cross-platform web server solution stack package *”.

Why XAMPP Cannot run Apache?

The most common cause for the XAMPP Apache server not starting issue is because the default port no 80 may already be in use by another program like Skype, Teamviewer etc. … Shankar Paul said his new XAMPP Apache was not working. He had got the below message from XAMPP which says the Port 80 in use by another program.

What is Apache and MySQL in XAMPP?

XAMPP is a software distribution which provides the Apache web server, MySQL database (actually MariaDB), Php and Perl (as command-line executables and Apache modules) all in one package. It is available for Windows, MAC and Linux systems. No configuration is necessary to integrate Php with MySQL.

Can you use XAMPP as a web server?

XAMPP is one of the most robust personal web server applications. It is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS environments. It is also very easy to install, configure and use. Using a personal web server allows you to work locally from your own laptop or PC for development purposes.

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Why MySQL is not working in xampp?

If my sql running But Port Not Showing in Xampp then Click Config > my. ini edit this file and change port no 3306 > 3307 and save and Restart xampp ……… One of many reasons is xampp cannot start MySQL service by itself. Everything you need to do is run mySQL service manually.

Why localhost is not working in xampp?

I found the solution for this problem. Normally because of applications like Skype and VMware, we change the listening port of Apache from 80 to 81 or some other. Rename all ports with 80 to 8080 in your httpd. Highly active question.

How do I start Apache in xampp?

Restarting Apache and MySQL

To take effect any configuration change, it’s required to restart Apache and/or MySQL. In XAMPP, if these two are already running, stop them and start again in the Control Panel.

Why Apache server is not starting in Xampp in ubuntu?

The most possible reason why your Xampp server is not running is that you might have installed Xampp and apache2 simultaneously or MySQL server. So in order to work with Xampp server, you have to stop the Apache2 and MySQL.

Why Apache server is not working?

first go to in configure httpd. conf folder in apache and open change the port value 80 instead of 8080 ( two place u need to check in code ) . then go to services (click ur start button and type this in ” search programs and file “) and then search for “Web Deployment Agent Service”and stop it.

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How do I start phpmyadmin in Xampp?

How to Install MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

  1. Install Xampp on your PC.
  2. In your Xampp Control Panel, Start Apache and MySQL.
  3. Open your browser and enter http://localhost/phpmyadmin.