Can the host remove someone from a Webex meeting?

How do I kick someone out of a Webex meeting?

To expel a participant:

  1. Select the participant’s name in the Participants panel.
  2. Click on the Participant menu, then click on Expel.
  3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to remove the participant from the meeting.

How do I control Participants in Webex?

While sharing your screen, select Assign, click Pass Keyboard and Mouse Control, and then select who you’d like to give control to. Click Grant control on the message that appears on your screen.

Can host unmute me on Webex?

Hosts, cohosts and presenters are always able to unmute. From the Participant panel, click More options and uncheck Allow attendees to unmute themselves. When unchecked, attendees can’t unmute themselves until you allow them to. Hosts, cohosts and presenters are always able to unmute.

Can Webex host turn on camera?

From the Participants panel, the host can right-click on a particular user or video system and select Stop Video to turn off their video stream. Participants can turn their video back on when ready, including if they leave and rejoin the meeting.

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Can the host see you when your camera is off on Webex?

Calls – Webex App | Turn Off Your Video During a Meeting or Call. After you join a meeting or call in the Webex App, you can turn off your video if you don’t want to show it. You’ll still see video from other people in the app who have it turned on, but they won‘t see you.

How do I know if I’m muted on Webex?

Your mute status appears in the meeting controls and the Participants panel. Similarly, muting and unmuting from the desktop app also affects your headset. If the host has prevented participants from unmuting themselves in Webex Meetings, you can only unmute yourself after the host sends you a request.

Can someone else start my Webex meeting?

You can let anyone with a host account on your site or anyone joining from an authenticated Cisco video device host your Personal Room meetings without the host PIN. Sign in to your Cisco Webex Site and go to Preferences > My Personal Room. Check the Allow cohosts for my Personal Room Meetings check box.

What does you can join the meeting after the host admits you mean?

The person who is waiting to enter your room will see a message saying that they can join after the are admitted by the host. Clicking Admit will let the participant into the meeting. … Alternatively, you can select Leave Meeting, which will allow the rest of the participants to continue the meeting without you.

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What’s the difference between Webex meeting and personal room?

Personal Room

A permanent meeting link, unique to you. … Unlike a standard Webex meeting, if the host wants to join the Personal Room by dialing-in only, they will need to enter their host PIN to open the meeting. Others won’t be able to join until then.