Frequent question: What is a web server Brainly?

What is web server in Brainly?

Brainly User. A web server is a system that delivers content or services to end users over the internet. A web server consists of a physical server, server operating system (OS) and software used to facilitate HTTP communication. arrenhasyd and 20 more users found this answer helpful. Thanks 12.

What is the web server?

Definition: A web server is a computer that runs websites. It’s a computer program that distributes web pages as they are requisitioned. The basic objective of the web server is to store, process and deliver web pages to the users. This intercommunication is done using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

What is web server and give some examples of it?

Leading web servers include Apache, Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) and Nginx — pronounced engine X. Other web servers include Novell’s NetWare server, Google Web Server (GWS) and IBM’s family of Domino servers.

What is the most important job of a Web server Brainly?

Answer : A web server refers to a host computer that stores the web pages on your website. These web pages are transferred to the web server with the help of FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

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What are the services provided by a server?

Services provided by a server on a network are many. Some of the services provided are : World wide web, E-mail, file server, online games. file sharing,video,time service, Directory services.

What is web server w3schools?

Web server is a computer where the web content is stored. Basically web server is used to host the web sites but there exists other web servers also such as gaming, storage, FTP, email etc. Web site is collection of web pages whileweb server is a software that respond to the request for web resources.

What is meant by web server and web browser explain in detail?

Web Browser is an Application program that displays a World wide web document. It usually uses the internet service to access the document. Web server is a program or the computer that provide services to other programs called client. The Web browser requests the server for the web documents and services.

What is web server and web browser?

Web Browser Vs. Web Server: Know the Difference Between Web Browser and Web Server. A web browser is basically the software that we use for browsing on the internet and displaying pages. Conversely, a web server refers to the software that provides its users with the documents they request via their web browsers.

What is a server in computers?

In computing, a server is a piece of computer hardware or software (computer program) that provides functionality for other programs or devices, called “clients”. … A client process may run on the same device or may connect over a network to a server on a different device.

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What is a server in simple terms?

A server is a computer or system that provides resources, data, services, or programs to other computers, known as clients, over a network. In theory, whenever computers share resources with client machines they are considered servers. … This means that a device could be both a server and a client at the same time.

What is a server in computer science?

A server stores data to be used by other computers on a network. A server could be a specialised machine or it can be a normal PC running server software .

What is web server and its type?

Every Website sits on a computer known as a Web server. … There are four leading web servers − Apache, IIS, lighttpd and Jagsaw. Now we will see these servers in bit more detail. Apart from these Web Servers, there are other Web Servers also available in the market but they are very expensive.