How do I access my cPanel on Bluehost?

Where can I find cPanel in Bluehost?

Legacy. Log in to your Bluehost control panel. If you are not in the cPanel section, select the cPanel tab from the navigation menu that stretches across the top of your screen.

How do I get to my cPanel?

You can login to your cPanel using the address bar of your browser. Type in your website address followed by a colon and then 2083. Accessing your cPanel would look like this You can also log in to your cPanel by typing in /cpanel after your website address.

How do I give access to cPanel Bluehost?

Log in to your Bluehost control panel. Locate the File Manager tool under the Files category. Select the file/folder name you wish to change permissions for. In the menu, select Change Permissions—select permissions as appropriate for your needs.

Why can’t I log into my cPanel?

most probably cPanel access ports are blocked on the side of your ISP, local computer, network, firewall or antivirus. In such cases you can use as it’s using HTTP port 80, which is available for everyone in the Internet. Also, you can check if a specific port is blocked using Telnet command.

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How do I access cPanel from WHM?

How to access cPanel accounts through WHM

  1. Find the Account Information section.
  2. Go to List Accounts.
  3. Next to every account’s domain name, you’ll see the cPanel logo. …
  4. With this drop-down menu, you have the ability to switch to the other accounts you own.

Does Bluehost shared hosting have cPanel?

Built on cPanel, we designed an enhanced interface with additional tools that make it easier to manage your websites, domains, emails, files, and more, all from one central location.

How do I connect my WordPress to cPanel?


  1. Log into WHM using your root login credentials.
  2. Find the Install cPAddons Site Software menu in the left-hand menu.
  3. Select WordPress from the list of software and click Update cPAddon Config:
  4. Allow the configuration update to complete. …
  5. Log into cPanel for your domain.
  6. Click on Site Software.

How do I use cPanel?

cPanel is where you’ll come to:

  1. Connect domain names to your hosting.
  2. Set up emails for your site.
  3. Install WordPress (or another content management system)
  4. Back up your website.
  5. Upload files to your server.
  6. Check your bandwidth and other usage stats.
  7. Change various security settings.
  8. Install add-on apps on your server.

How do I publish my WordPress site using cPanel?

Let’s dig in.

  1. Get WordPress. Obtain a copy of the latest WordPress version and place it on your desktop.
  2. Upload the files. Upload the files to your server using cPanel File Manager or an FTP program such as FileZilla. …
  3. Create MySQL database and user. …
  4. Go to your domain to complete the install.
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Where is my cPanel username and password?

To find your cPanel username, you will first need to log into your AMP. Remember that with AMP, your email address is your username. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it at this link:

How do I log into WordPress from Bluehost?

Log in to WordPress through My Sites

  1. Log in to your Bluehost control panel.
  2. Click the My Sites tab from the side navigation menu to the left.
  3. Hover over the site you wish to manage, and click Manage Site.
  4. On the upper right-most corner, click Log into WordPress.