How do I access my digital ocean cPanel?

How do I access cPanel DigitalOcean?

Create a Droplet

  1. Navigate to the DigitalOcean website.
  2. Click Log In in the top right corner. …
  3. Click the Marketplace tab. …
  4. In the Search bar, enter cPanel. …
  5. Click the cPanel listing.
  6. The Choose a plan section lists the available Droplet sizes with the number of CPUs, disk size, bandwidth quota, and pricing.

Does Digital Ocean have a cPanel?

Manage Your DigitalOcean Droplet with cPanel & WHM.

How do I access my digital ocean server?

DigitalOcean droplets offer in-browser access to the console. Just click that “Console Access” button and enter “root” for the username, followed by the password from your e-mail. You’ll be immediately prompted to replace this with a password of your own choosing, and then you should find yourself with a shell prompt.

Does DigitalOcean have a control panel?

Users in a web hosting environment can use their hosting service’s control panel to manage their hosted services in a single place.

How do I upload my website to digital ocean?

5 Steps To Host Static Website On DigitalOcean Running Ubuntu…

  1. Introduction. Some tasks seem so simple when you are performing them regularly. …
  2. Prerequisites. …
  3. Create Domain/Sub-Domain. …
  4. Create Website Folder. …
  5. Create Virtual Host (Server Blocks) File. …
  6. Install SSL Certificates. …
  7. Upload Website Files.
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Is cPanel free in DigitalOcean?

To use cpanel/whm on your server, you will need to pay for a license. But since you are installing the cpanel on a new server with a new IP address, you will have a free trial for 15 days.

How can I access cPanel for free?

5 Best “Free” cPanel Hosting Services

  1. Kamatera.
  2. x10Hosting.
  4. GigaRocket.
  5. InfinityFree.
  6. GoogieHost.

How do I install cPanel on Windows 10?

How to Install cPanel

  1. Step 1: Login to the server. Login via SSH to the server using the root username. …
  2. Step 2: Open a screen. Install screen if it is not yet installed: …
  3. Step 3: Set a hostname. …
  4. Step 4: Execute the Installation Command. …
  5. Step 5: Proceed with web installation. …
  6. Step 6: Restart the server.

What is the difference between Plesk and cPanel?

The main difference between Plesk and cPanel lies in their user interface and web servers they support. Plesk user interface is similar to the WordPress admin panel and supports both Linux & Windows servers. cPanel has a graphical interface and is compatible with only Linux web servers.

What is my digital ocean username?

To get your Droplet’s IP address, visit the DigitalOcean Control Panel. The IP address is displayed in the IP Address column after your Droplet has been created. You can mouse over it to copy it into your clipboard. The default username is root on most operating systems, like Ubuntu and CentOS.

How do I reset my digital ocean droplet?

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  1. Go to Droplets.
  2. Click on the Droplet that you want to reboot.
  3. Click on the On/Off button.
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How do I change my dropo password in digital ocean?

Navigate to the control panel. From the project the Droplet is in, or from the main navigation’s Droplets page, locate the Droplet. Click the Droplet’s name to open its detail page, then select Access in the left navigation. Click Reset Root Password to reset the Droplet’s password.