How do I add a host to Dynatrace?

How do I add a host to a group in Dynatrace?

Assigning a host to a host group

A host can be assigned to a host group during or after OneAgent installation. During: To assign a host to a host group when you install OneAgent, use the –set-host-group parameter. On Windows, you can also type the group name in the installer UI.

How do I enable host monitoring in Dynatrace?

Infrastructure Monitoring

  1. In Dynatrace. Open a host overview page. Open the host menu (“…”) and select Settings. Select Monitoring mode. …
  2. Use the OneAgent command-line interface to set the –set-infra-only=true parameter.
  3. Use the OneAgent monitoring configuration API to enable Infrastructure Monitoring mode at scale.

What is a host in Dynatrace?

Host groups are a helpful Dynatrace feature, especially in larger and growing environments. The primary value of host groups is that they allow for the grouping of hosts into manageable sets. … Or you might want Dynatrace to treat a group of hosts in a load-balancer environment as a single virtual host.

What is a host group?

A host group definition is used to group one or more hosts together for simplifying configuration with object tricks or display purposes in the CGIs .

How do I find my host group in Unix?

To view all groups present on the system simply open the /etc/group file. Each line in this file represents information for one group. Another option is to use the getent command which displays entries from databases configured in /etc/nsswitch.

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What is Process Group in Dynatrace?

A “process group” is a logical cluster of processes that belong to the same application or deployment unit and perform the same function across multiple hosts. … Dynatrace automatically detects application types such as Tomcat, JBoss, Apache HTTP Server, MongoDB, and many others technologies.

What is infrastructure monitoring Dynatrace?

Dynatrace Infrastructure Monitoring mode provides a complete solution for the monitoring of cloud platforms, virtual infrastructure, and more. Infrastructure Monitoring mode includes automatic visibility, problem detection, and smart alerting across virtual networks, virtual infrastructure, and container orchestration.

What is host availability?

Monitors, both hosts and resources on the network that can respond to a ping request, are either available or not on the network. This check is made by default every hour.

How do I disable host monitoring in Dynatrace?

We currently doing the activation and deactivation of hosts monitoring by [Deployment Status> All Hosts> Disable Monitoring (in Each Host)].

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  3. monitoring.

How do I know if Dynatrace is installed?

Verify the installation

  1. In the Dynatrace menu, select Hosts.
  2. Filter hosts by the z/OS operating system.
  3. Click the host to open the Details page. If CICS and/or IMS is connected you will see them in the Processes panel.
  4. In the Processes panel, click the CICS or IMS region to see more info.