How do I become a Webex host?

Can anyone be a host on Webex?

If you want to let someone else start a meeting without you, you can let someone else be an alternate host. You can do this for Webex-scheduled or Personal Room meetings, and if you join later, you’ll become the host automatically.

How do I claim a host role in Webex?

Click on the Participant menu, then choose Reclaim Host Role. The ‘Reclaim Host Role’ window appears. Type the 6 digit host key provided by the host, then click the OK button. You will now become the host and presenter of the meeting and can begin conducting the meeting.

How do I add a host to my Webex meeting?

Add a cohost during your Webex Meeting or Event

Open the Participants panel and locate the attendee that you want to make a Cohost. Right-click the attendee’s name and then select Change Role > Make Cohost.

How do I change my Webex host?

While in a meeting, you can assign a new host and either stay in the meeting or leave. To make someone else the host and stay in the meeting, go to the participants list . Then, right-click the name of new host and click Assign as Host.

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Can Webex meeting continue without host?

Options to continue the meeting and audio conference without the host: Have another participant join the online web meeting, then pass the host role to the participant. Schedule the meeting as a Personal Conference meeting and use the Teleconference Keep Alive option.

Can I leave a Webex meeting if I’m the host?

If you’re the meeting host, you can leave the meeting early and assign the host role to someone else, or end the meeting for everyone.

What is a Webex host account?

Host accounts allow you to schedule and run meetings on your Webex site. New host account requests should be directed to your site administrator. To request a host account: Many sites allow users to request an account by clicking on a Sign Up link on your Webex site (Example:

How do I set up a Webex meeting?

You can also schedule a Webex meeting for a future time.

  1. Go to Webex’s website in a web browser and log in. …
  2. On the Schedule a Meeting page, complete the form to schedule the meeting — enter a meeting title, set a password, and click the date and time to specify when the meeting will occur.

How do I invite someone to a Webex meeting?

You can also invite people to your meeting, even if the meeting has already started. In the meeting, click More Options > Invite and Remind or select Copy Meeting Link and share it in an email or instant message. Participants won’t need to get a Webex account. The email invitation has all the details they need to join.

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What is Webex host key?

A host key is a six-digit code generated when a Webex session is scheduled. The host can use the host key to reclaim the host role within a live session, or it can be used to start a meeting from a video system.

What is the difference between host and presenter in Webex?

There are three roles within Webex Meetings, which are referenced below. Host Role: The host is the person who schedules, starts and ends the session and or recordings of the session. … Presenter: Responsible for sharing and annotating presentations, whiteboards, documents, and applications in a meeting.