How do I delete a subdomain from cPanel?

How do I delete a subdomain?

Delete your subdomain

Click the Domain link. Click the Domain & Subdomains tab. Click the Delete icon. In the Delete Subdomain dialog, confirm the deletion by clicking the Delete button.

How do I remove a domain from cPanel?

In the cPanel Home page, in the Domains section, click Addon Domains. In the Addon Domains section, next to the domain you want to remove, in the Actions column, click the trash can. Click Remove. cPanel removes the addon domain from the account.

How do I edit a subdomain in cPanel?

How to Change the Name of a Subdomain in cPanel (6 Steps)

  1. Open the CPanel dashboard in a Web browser. …
  2. Click the “Subdomains” icon in the Domains section of the dashboard.
  3. Click the “Remove” link next to the subdomain to rename. …
  4. Click the “Delete Subdomain” button.

How do you manage Subdomains?

In the navigation pane, choose App Settings, and then choose Domain management. On the Domain management page, choose Add domain. For Domain, enter the name of a domain with a subdomain, choose Exclude root, and modify the subdomain to add a new level.

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What is subdomain in cPanel?

This interface allows you to create and manage subdomains for your cPanel account. A subdomain is a subsection of your website that sometimes exists as a subdirectory of your public_html (document root) directory or your account’s home directory. Subdomains use a prefix in conjunction with the domain name.

How do I delete a subdomain in GoDaddy cPanel?

Go to your GoDaddy product page. Select Web Hosting, and next to the Windows Hosting account you want to use select Manage. In the account Dashboard, select Plesk Admin. In the Plesk home page, in the section for the secondary domain or subdomain you want to remove, select Remove Domain or Remove Subdomain.

How do I delete a domain?

How to delete a domain

  1. Sign in to Google Domains.
  2. Select the name of your domain.
  3. Open the menu .
  4. Click Registration settings.
  5. Scroll down to Delete domain.
  6. To the right of “Delete domain,” click Delete.
  7. Sign in again to confirm your identity.
  8. Review the restrictions, and click Yes I’m sure, delete domain.

How do I remove a domain from a host?

Removing a Domain from a Shared, VPS, or Dedicated Hosting Account

  1. Log in to the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. In the left sidebar, click Domains, then click Manage Your Domain Names in the drop-down.
  3. In the Domain Name category, click the name of the domain you want to remove.

How do I remove a parked domain?

Go to Site Tools > Domain > Parked Domains > click Delete (delete icon) next to the entry for the desired parked domain name.

How do I edit a subdomain?

Edit a subdomain

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center. …
  2. Select your domain name from the list to access the Domain Settings page.
  3. Under Additional Settings, select Manage DNS.
  4. On the DNS Management page, next to the record you wish to edit, click the. …
  5. Edit the fields as needed: …
  6. Select Save to save your changes.
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Where is subdomain in cPanel?

Set Up: Creating a subdomain in cPanel

  1. Click on Subdomains under Domain in cPanel.
  2. Under Create a Subdomain, enter the name of the subdomain you want to create in the Subdomain text box.
  3. cPanel automatically fills in the document root path by using the subdomain name you’ve entered. …
  4. When ready, click Create.

Is a subdomain a separate website?

While a subdomain is part of the main website, it’s considered a separate entity by search engines. People recognized this and decided to use subdomains to organize their website, without allowing certain parts of the site to be indexed by Google. Companies use subdomains for a variety of reasons.

Can a subdomain point to a different IP?

Subdomains can be modified as an A record that is pointing to an IP address. Or, they can be modified as a CNAME that is pointing to another domain name. A CNAME record cannot be pointed to an IP address.

Can you redirect a subdomain?

You can redirect visitors from a subdomain to another location. For example, you can redirect the subdomain to the