Question: Can you use cPanel for free?

Do you have to pay for cPanel?

You must purchase a cPanel license for each cPanel & WHM server that you wish to run. You can use the following methods to purchase a cPanel & WHM license: If this is a new installation, you can activate a free 15-day trial license during initial configuration.

Is there a free alternative to cPanel?

Plesk – cPanel’s main competitor for market share offers a better-looking design and almost all the same features. … Virtualmin – An easy-to-use, free alternative to cPanel, Virtualmin offers many advanced features, along with a clear system-health dashboard.

How much does cPanel cost per year?

2021 cPanel License Pricing

Tier cPanel Solo® 1 Account Small businesses, hobbyists, and freelancers. Pricing for Cloud Premier Up to 100 Accounts Data centers, enterprise businesses, web hosts Pricing for Cloud and Metal
2021 price per month $1500 $4850 *

What is the cost of cPanel?

2021 cPanel License Pricing

Tier cPanel Solo 1 Account Small businesses, hobbyists, and freelancers. Pricing for Cloud Pro Up to 30 Accounts Large agencies and growing businesses with scalability Pricing for Cloud
2021 price per month $1500 $3225
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Is cPanel free for VPS?

Let’s take a look at the web hosting control panels (or admin panels) which you can use to manage your VPS or dedicated server. And yes, they are completely free to set up and use. These days, control panels are popular because they help webmasters interactively manage the environment of their web project.

Is cPanel free with GoDaddy?

Web Hosting with cPanel (Free Trial with Domain) | GoDaddy Community. Catch the highlights from GoDaddy Open 2021. Join the discussion.

Is cPanel free for CentOS?

Unfortunately, the CentOS Web Panel is not fully open-source, but it’s a feature-rich cPanel alternative that is completely free to use.

Is cPanel necessary?

Although it does make a wide range of management tasks easier, the answer is no – you don’t have to have cPanel for WordPress to function properly. There are alternative web hosting account management interfaces some providers use instead. However, cPanel includes many features that are handy for WordPress users.

How do I host a website using cPanel?

cPanel is where you’ll come to:

  1. Connect domain names to your hosting.
  2. Set up emails for your site.
  3. Install WordPress (or another content management system)
  4. Back up your website.
  5. Upload files to your server.
  6. Check your bandwidth and other usage stats.
  7. Change various security settings.
  8. Install add-on apps on your server.

Why cPanel is used?

cPanel is an online Linux-based graphical interface (GUI) used as a control panel to simplify website and server management. cPanel allows you to publish websites, manage domains, organize web files, create email accounts, and more. … Many web hosting companies supply cPanel to customers as part of their hosting package.

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Is Cloud Linux free?

For a shared web server you can sign up for a free license for 30 days by choosing CloudLinux OS Shared Pro trial that includes all features of CloudLinux OS Shared and CloudLinux OS Shared Pro.

Is Direct Admin free?

DirectAdmin Retail Licenses

Create a free account on our site and generate your own free 60-day Standard license, after you login. … Can be upgraded to a paid license.