Question: Is Apache Strut dead?

Is Apache Struts still used?

After 18 years on the market, the Apache Struts project is still widely used by enterprises globally, with estimates suggesting that in 2017 at least 65 percent of the Fortune 100 companies relied on web applications built with the Apache Struts framework.

What is the latest version of Apache Struts?

Struts 1.3.

10 – EOL is the latest production release of Struts 1. It is available in a full distribution, or as separate library, source, example and documentation distributions. Full Distribution: struts-1.3.

Is Struts 2 still supported?

Yes, we will continue to support Struts 2.3. x in case of security issues for the next 6 months, after that time we won’t support this branch in any case.

What does Apache Struts run on?

Apache Struts 2

Developer(s) Apache Software Foundation
Repository Struts Repository
Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform Cross-platform (JVM)

Is Java Server Faces still used?

They’re still maintaining it and the latest release is from only months ago, December 2020. Version 2.5. 26. It’s been already 20 years that Apache Struts was released.

Why are springs better than struts?

Struts and spring both are used to develop Java web applications.

Difference between Spring and Struts architecture.

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Spring Struts
It does not support tag library. It supports tag library directive.
It has loosely coupled modules. It has tightly coupled programming modules.

How check Apache Struts Linux?

Affected Versions

  1. Find the “struts-core.jar” file. a. The file can be found using the `find` command on Linux or Windows Explorer search function on Windows.
  2. Unzip the struts-core.jar file.
  3. Open META-INF folder > MANIFEST.MF with a text editor.
  4. The Apache Struts version is shown on the “Specification Version:” line.

Is Struts 1 still supported?

Apache Struts 1 End-Of-Life (EOL) Announcement. The Apache Struts Project Team would like to inform you that the Struts 1. x web framework has reached its end of life and is no longer officially supported.

What is Apache Struts vulnerability?

A remote code execution has been reported in the Apache Struts framework. The vulnerability is due to insufficient input validation leading to a forced double Object Graph Navigation Library (OGNL) evaluation when evaluating raw user input.

Are Struts Java EE?

Struts [2][5] is a Java EE framework in support for the development of web applications, making their implementation easier and simpler. To this end, by automating certain tasks this framework alleviates common and tedious development work in the application domain.

What companies use struts?

9 companies reportedly use Apache Struts in their tech stacks, including doubleSlash, coinatstar, and Aspen.

  • doubleSlash.
  • coinatstar.
  • Aspen.
  • Spookies.
  • Office of Technology …
  • softgarden network.
  • QDP.

What version of Apache Struts do I have?

5 Answers. Open struts jar and read version in MANIFEST file, inside META-INF folder. We can find out the struts version by observing the doctype of the Struts-config file. For Example if your struts config file contains the below DTD then we can say that it is Struts 1.1 version.

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