What info do Airbnb hosts see about guests?

What information is shared with Airbnb host?

When you as a Host have a confirmed booking, certain information is shared with the Guest (and the additional Guests they invite, if applicable) to coordinate the booking, such as your profile, full name, phone number, and Listing address.

Do Airbnb hosts see your ID?

What gets shared with your Host. We never share your ID with anyone else who uses Airbnb. We do not provide Hosts with the photo of your ID, the photo you take of yourself as part of ID verification, or your address. … Your profile photo and profile name.

Do Hosts Review guests on Airbnb?

They help to build trust, and hosts rely on reviews of guests to avoid bad guests. Most hosts confess that they always look through Airbnb guest reviews before they confirm a reservation. … Once you leave a review, Airbnb will encourage your guests to provide their feedback by sending a notification.

Can Airbnb Host see my phone number?

When is phone number hidden on Airbnb? … Once a booking is confirmed, Airbnb automatically reveals the registered phone number of guest and host, and they can freely share any other details after this point. Remember, it is advisable to communicate only via Airbnb and use phone number just in case of emergencies.

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Can Airbnb hosts see your other bookings?

Other hosts will get this same information from you. You’ll see the booking details (booked prices, dates, and number of guests), but not the listing titles and photos. Other hosts will get either your listing details or your booking details, but not both at the same time. You won’t get or share any information.

Can Airbnb Host come in unannounced?

No, an Airbnb host cannot enter unannounced.

Does Airbnb run background checks on guests?

Airbnb only checks its users’ background when they first sign up on their platform and doesn’t conduct background checks or monitor its users’ activities routinely. A background check might have been performed long before a host accepts a guest’s booking, and they won’t be notified of a guests’ recent demeanour.

Does Airbnb require ID for all guests?

Airbnb requires all guests and hosts to undergo verification before they are permitted to book or list a property or experience. … Some hosts may require guests to provide a valid government ID in order to book a property or experience.

What does awaiting guest ID mean on Airbnb?

Awaiting guest ID

The Host is requiring the guest to verify their identity before accepting the trip request. They have 12 hours to do so; otherwise, the request will expire.

What percentage of Airbnb guests leave reviews?

According to Airbnb, about 70% of guests leave reviews. One unhappy guest can hurt your revenue for months.

Should I give my Airbnb host my email address?

For everyone’s security, you should always communicate through Airbnb. We keep your info secure, and we never share your email, even with your Host or guest after you have a confirmed reservation. If anyone sends you a message on Airbnb, you’ll get an email notification at the address you used to sign up.

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What does website hidden by Airbnb mean?

When it says Hidden by Airbnb, that means Airbnb algorithms blocked out whatever the host had written there.

How do I remove my phone number from Airbnb?

Editing phone numbers on your account

  1. Go to Account > Personal info.
  2. Next to Phone number, click Edit.
  3. Make your changes and then click Save.