What is an alternate host in fungi?

What is alternate and collateral host?

Collateral Host. Alternate Host. –A wild host of the same family. -The wild host of other families. -For off-season surviving a pathogen.

What is the difference between alternate and alternative host?

An ALTERNATE host is like malaria, as in….. … “An ALTERNATIVE host is what it says, e.g. black fly on beans in summer and spindle bushes in winter, not because that is the only alternative but it is green and there when needed by the aphid. etc. Lots of human diseases like typhus and Weil’s and plague are zoonotic.

What is the alternate host?

a host, other than the usual or primary host, on which a parasitic organism can sustain itself.

What is a host in plant pathology?

A host is an organism (eg.: a plant) that is harboring a parasite or pathogen from which it obtains its nutrients.

How do they serve as alternate host for crop pest and diseases?

Weeds pose a perpetual menace both in cropped and non–crop areas. They provide food, shelter and reproductive sites for various pest organisms (plant pathogens, insect pests, mites, nematodes, rodents and others), and thereby play a key role to serve as alternate as well as alternative hosts.

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How do I add an alternate host in Webex?

Add an Alternate Host to a Scheduled Webex Meeting

Sign in to your Webex site and select Meetings. In the Meetings list, locate and select the meeting that you want to edit. Select Assign alternate host.

How does an alternate host start a zoom meeting?

Alternative hosts can start the meeting by using the meeting ID or meeting link from the invitation email. The meeting will not display in the upcoming meetings list in the desktop client or mobile app for alternative hosts.

What is plant pathology and why it is important?

Plant Pathology is the study of the diseases and disorders of plants. Disease can be defined as a harmful deviation from normal functioning of the physiological processes caused by an infectious agent. In the case of plant diseases, the causal agent maybe a fungus, virus, bacterium or a parasitic flowering plant.

What is the role of enzymes in pathogenesis?

 Enzymes secreted by microorganism play a key role in disease development. These break down plant substances into smaller molecules which pathogen easily absorb and utilize for its growth and energy.  Hydrolases is most important enzymes involved in the production of disease by plant pathogens.

What is disease escape?

Disease escape occurs when susceptible plants do not become diseased for some reason. This may be due to some anatomical or physical character, such as the occurrence of leaf hairs, thick cuticle, or modified stomata, or they may be environmental, in which conditions are not conducive to disease development.

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What co-host means?

: one of two or more people who host something (such as a television show) together As cohost of the network’s late-night wrap-ups of its Winter Olympics coverage, the effervescent Sullivan drew nothing but encomiums …—

How do you use alternate host in zoom?


  1. Sign in to the Zoom Mobile App.
  2. Tap Schedule.
  3. Tap Advanced Options.
  4. Tap Alternative Hosts.
  5. Tap the user(s) you would like to add as alternative hosts from the list or enter their email addresses.
  6. Tap OK.
  7. Tap Schedule to finish scheduling.

What can a co-host do in zoom?

The co-host feature allows the host to share hosting privileges with another user, allowing the co-host to manage the administrative side of the meeting, such as managing participants or starting/stopping the recording. The host is the only user who can assign a co-host.