What is it like to be a host at a restaurant?

Is Host an easy job?

They seem like simple tasks but there are a lot of variables of the job you’ll need to pay attention to, rather than following the set rules all of the time. So, you’ve managed to get a hosting job for the first time.

What does a host do in a restaurant?

Being a host or hostess at a restaurant typically requires greeting customers, seating them, managing wait times, taking reservations, and much more. Learn more here. A host is the first face a guest sees when they walk into a restaurant, and a great host or hostess can set the tone for a wonderful dining experience.

Do restaurant hosts make good money?

Hostess Salary

Most hostesses work part time and make somewhere between ​$9.46​ and ​$13.54​ per hour. On the low end of the wage continuum, 10 percent earn no more than ​$8.55​ per hour. The top 10 percent of hostesses, such as those earning a high-end restaurant hostess salary, make upward of ​$15.56​ per hour.

Is being a host at a restaurant hard?

Hostessing looks effortless, but it’s hard and gross

Before I worked as a hostess, I thought the job was pretty easy. You just stand there behind your podium and write things down and look nice and occasionally walk people to their tables… … I’d say about 95 percent of my job is busing tables.

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Do hosts get tipped out?

6 answers. Servers do keep track of tips; it’s commonplace for servers to pocket their tips, and not report all of their earnings; thus, many (hosts & hostesses also) are left out of fair tip allotment. … No they don’t tip the hostess.

Is it better to be a host or server?

The hostess plays a valuable role in welcoming patrons. If you prefer constant movement and enjoy constant interaction with guests and kitchen staff, a waitress position makes sense. You can also potentially earn more if you have a great personality and work in a bustling environment.

What to Know Before becoming a hostess?

If you are an aspiring host or hostess with no experience in the said job, then here are some tips for you.

  • Learn about Sections and Rotations. …
  • Greet Customers as they Come and Go. …
  • Know your Menu and Bestsellers. …
  • Communicate well with Servers. …
  • Help in Other Tasks.

Why do you want to be a host?

Why do you want to be a hostess? State that you enjoy meeting and interacting with other people. You can also state that you are an active person and a job where you sit around all day isn’t for you. Mention that you feel you have strong organizational skills which will help you to excel as a hostess.

Why do host get paid so little?

They pay us under minimum wage due to the fact that we make tips, and are capable of making a lot of money a day just on those tips. … The pay is low because host/hostess receive tip share after every shift.

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How many hours do hosts work?

40 To 45 hours per week. A lunch host would come in around 11:30 and was cut typically by 1:30 or 2:00 when it slowed down. Many hostesses quit because they weren’t able to pay their bills only working a few hours a day and being paid minimum wage.