Where does Cloudflare host their servers?

Does Cloudflare have its own servers?

Cloudflare owns and operates a massive network of servers. It uses these to help speed up websites as well as protect them from malicious attacks like DDoS. Ultimately, websites that use services like Cloudflare are safer and offer their users a better browsing experience.

Does Cloudflare have servers in Australia?

CloudFlare is excited to announce the launch of our newest data center in Perth, Australia. This expands the breadth of our global network to span 80 unique cities across 41 countries, and is our fourth data center in the Oceania region….

Does Cloudflare work in Canada?

Today, Cloudflare’s network spans more than 200 cities in over 100 countries. … Today, Cloudflare’s network spans seven cities in Canada. As the company’s edge network continues to grow globally, Cloudflare is securing and speeding up organizations, corporate networks, and users across the world regardless of location.

Which is better Cloudflare or Google DNS?

Cloudflare is the fastest DNS provider. Google Cloud DNS is slower when compared against the speed of the Cloudflare DNS. Cloudflare is the most popular DNS provider in the world. Google Cloud DNS is the second most popular DNS provider in the world.

Is Cloudflare good in Australia?

Cloudflare is a great CDN (Content Delivery Network) used by millions of people around the world; however, if it may not be a good idea to use it if the majority of the traffic to your website is coming from within Australia because that traffic will be routed via Singapore now, instead of an Australian based server.

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How do I change location in Cloudflare?

Click Add a location. Choose a name for your location.

If you’re using an Enterprise plan, you’ll be able to manually change the IPv4 address.

  1. Select any policies you want to apply to this location.
  2. If you’d like to set this location as default, check the Set as a Default Location checkbox.
  3. Click Add location.