Where is AutoSSL in cPanel?

How do I turn on AutoSSL in cPanel?

How do you enable AutoSSL?

  1. Add a feature to WHM >> Packages >> Feature Manager named “AutoSSL”
  2. Add a cronjob ( /etc/cron. d/cpanel_autossl ) to handle the downloading and installation of new SSL certificates for all of your hosted domains.

How do I turn off AutoSSL in cPanel?

Go to Home >> SSL/TLS >> Manage AutoSSL. Go to Manage Users. From there, you can select “Disable AutoSSL” on the user of your choice.

How do I run AutoSSL?

Run AutoSSL in SSL/TLS Section

  1. Login to the cPanel.
  2. If AutoSSL doesn’t install on a specific domain, you can also force the installation in the SSL/TLS Status section.
  3. Select Run AutoSSL or specify the domain(s) beforehand.

Is cPanel AutoSSL free?

AutoSSL is a WHM/cPanel solution for every WHM/cPanel user’s domains and It will automatically generate/renew (every three months) free SSL certificates (Powered by Comodo). Once you enable it, your websites are automatically secured with a free domain validated SSL Certificate.

Why is AutoSSL not working?

Most Common AutoSSL Errors and the Appropriate Fix

A DNS (Domain Name System) or web server misconfiguration may exist. You will get this error mostly on a subdomain or addon domain that has just been added. Make sure it’s added correctly and assigned to a root folder.

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What is AutoSSL certificate installed?

A service included in your hosting package is automatic installation of basic SSL certificates through a system called AutoSSL. These will ensure that your websites are accessible to visitors using latest web browsers.

How do you remove an SSL certificate from a domain in WHM?

Go to SSL/TLS in the menu. Click Manage SSL Hosts. If you have any Installed SSL Hosts or certificates, you can delete each one using its Delete button. Or you can share an SSL host’s certificate by selecting it in the menu, then pressing Share.

How do I automatically renew SSL certificate in cPanel?

Manually renew AutoSSL certificates for a single cPanel user

  1. Navigate to WHM > SSL/TLS »Manage AutoSSL and select Manage Users , then select Check ‘username’ next to the user.
  2. Log in to cPanel as the user, navigate to cPanel > Security > SSL/TLS Status and select Run AutoSSL .

What is AutoSSL certificate expiry?

AutoSSL attempts to renew certificates that cPanel, L.L.C. provides when they expire within 15 days. AutoSSL attempts to renew certificates that Let’s Encrypt provides when they expire within 29 days.