Who is hosting the next World Cup 2026?

Who is hosting 2030 World Cup?

Israel says FIFA wants it to host 2030 World Cup with neighbours | Football News | Al Jazeera.

Where will the World Cup take place in 2026?

New York City, our last lock, is already a confirmed host city for the tournament since MetLife Stadium has already been named the official site of the 2026 World Cup Final. New York also offers the most reasonable start time of any major city for the final.

Which city will host the 2026 World Cup final?

FIFA officials visit Seattle as city vies to host 2026 World Cup.

Will Kansas City host the World Cup?

Kansas City is one of 17 cities vying to host the FIFA World Cup in 2026.

Will there be a World Cup in 2026?

Expanded to 48 teams for ’26, this edition of the world’s favorite party is expected to take place across 16 venues, including three in Mexico, two in Canada and 11 in the United States. …

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